Your MLA Research Paper


If the MLA requirements and guidelines are confusing, get the MLA Handbook for high school, undergraduate college, and graduate levels. These are essential tools when writing your MLA research paper, but you can use these tips from site when preparing to write your academic assignment.

The MLA Style
The MLA or Modern Language of America approach is favored by schools and academic instructors. You may have heard about it for the first time when you were given you research assignment. The fact is, this scholarly writing style has been in practice for nearly a century.
The MLA style gives students or academicians the guidelines to give credit to their information sources from their research to avoid plagiarism of other people’s ideas.

Preparing scholarly manuscripts
There are rules to follow when writing academic reports. In high school, this activity will help students prepare for their undergraduate and graduate writing assignments.

The MLA style requires focus on the following mechanics of writing:
- punctuation
- quotation
- documentation of sources

Write your first draft freely following your outline. Start polishing your efforts with the MLA guide after your first draft. It would be confusing to be encumbered with your ideas and the MLA requirements at the same time.
Along the way in your first draft, make notations for your quotations and documentation of sources. It would be easier doing the second draft with those signposts to guide you.

For your paper, you will have to create a page containing a list for Works Consulted or Works Cited. You will also be required to include in-text citations in your content.

In-text citations
In-text citations are also called parenthetical citations. This is used when external sources are mentioned. By inserting in-text citations, you are directing readers to the Works Cited at the end of the document.
An in-text citation follows different guidelines for citing authors, placement of citations and use of electronic sources.
Do not make the mistake of using the words “says” or “claim”. The latter cast doubts on the author’s credibility. Instead, use the following in-text citation verbs: states, suggests, indicates, points out, and presents evidence that confirms.

Works Cited and Works Consulted
The Works Cited page is also the Bibliography or Reference page – depending on your instructor’s specifications. This page is double-spaced and lists in alphabetical order the sources mentioned in the in-text citations. Follow the College Homework Help guidelines on formats and structure carefully when doing this page.

Works Consulted arranges in alphabetical order all the sources used in the writing project. Here, include sources of common knowledge.

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